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Mobdro – Do you like to watch movies or videos? There is an application that might help you to watch videos anytime and anywhere you want. It is called Mobdro and it is an application for smartphone/mobile phones that put you into an ease wherever you want to see any videos.

Mobdro is a great application that enables us to streams videos from around the world without a satellite dish. We also can watch premium TV channels for free on our smartphone or mobile devices like Samsung, Lenovo, HTC, Asus, Acer, Sony, etc.

Mobdro 2.1.4 APK version has been released. You can view detail of Mobdro APK file from here.


mobdro download

App Name: Mobdro
License: Free
Version: 2.1.4
Latest Update: May 10, 2018
Download Size: 34 MB
Operating System: Android
Minimum Requirement: Android 4.2+
Category: Entertainment, Video Streaming
Features: HD video streaming for movies, TV shows, sports, music, etc
Package Name:


What Exactly Can You Do With Mobdro app?

There are many things that you can do by having Mobdro app in your mobile phones. First thing you can do is you can stream many videos from your mobile phones and it can be videos about sports, television series, and documentaries.

You can find all of them by installing Mobdro application in your mobile phones. You will no longer feel bored because you will have many videos to watch. Mobdro app caters all you need and want.


Mobdro Live TV

You also can watch live TV or video streaming from Mobdro, such as live videos about animals doing their daily activities or videos of people playing games in live.

Aside from videos, you can also watch some traditional television channels on Mobdro live TV app. Well, it can be helpful for you who do not have television to watch your favorite television shows.

You can just use your mobile phones to watch everything you want to watch in your traditional television channel.


Mobdro TV App

If you are travelling into somewhere, you can stream the local television channel by using Mobdro TV app. It can be useful for you to see some places that can be interesting to see around you or to know the news around you.

Mobdro also ensures you that you will find it easy to share the videos with others.

Well, Mobdro is included by a feature that allows you to share the interesting videos that you have watched to your friends.

If you find there is a certain videos worth to see by your friends, you can just recommend it your friends by sharing the videos and they can instantly know about the videos.


Mobdro Features and Updates

Mobdro has a feature that can help you to bookmark the videos that you want to see. For instance, if you see an interesting video but, you have no time to watch it for now; you can just bookmark the videos and watch those later.

Well, it is convenient, right? You will not lose the videos that you want to watch or you do not have to note everything to remind you about the interesting videos that you have not watched. Just bookmark it and watch later. Or, you can just download videos to watch it later.

Download? Is it possible? Yes, of course, it is possible. You can download every video that you want to see and watch it later and offline. You do not have to be afraid if you are in the places where there is no internet. Mobdro allows you to download the videos that you want and keep it for later.

You can watch the videos without keep online all the time. Even for the live streaming videos, Mobdro allows you to download it and you can watch the videos anytime you want. However, for the downloading feature, you can just enjoy it if you are one of the premium users. What is the premium user? Well, it will be explained later.

mobdro android

Download Mobdro for Android

Mobdro is originally built for Android OS, but because of some reasons, Modro Apk file is not available on Google Play Store, but we can download the latest official Mobdro Apk from this site ( and then enjoy watching premium TV channels, movies, shows, sports, news and other videos for free.

Please go to Mobdro Apk download page to download the new, latest, update or older Mobdro Apk files (official Mobro Apk version from Mobdro developer).


mobdro tv sports

Mobdro Sports, Live News, Video Clips, Movies & TV Shows

Most of sports games are broadcast live on premium TV channels like Sky Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,  F1 BT Sports, Fox Sports, Sky Sports, ESPN, NBA TV and Eurosport, but we do not need to worry because Modbro can handle this matter.

By using Mobdro sports app, we can watch premium TV channels for free. Mobdro app is an excellent app for sports lovers.

By using Mobdro free app, we also can stream many best video clips, the latest movies, TV shows and live news broadcast.

Please read the following article for more in-depth article about Mobdro online TV: Mobdro App Review and How to install Mobdro Online TV for free on our smart device.


Mobdro Premium APK

Is Mobdro APK free? Yes, it is free. You can just download the application without paid for anything.

However, Mobdro also has premium offer for the people who have paid for the application. They provide the premium user with some interesting features which differs the premium user from the usual user.

You will not want to miss the extended features that are offered by Mobdro for you. As it is mentioned before, you can download all the videos that you want and watch it offline.

Well, it is great for the people who have a trouble for keeping online all time.

Mobdro also promises you with upcoming premium feature such as removing all ads, set your phones into sleeping timer, and many more. All is for the convenient of the users.


How To Install Mobdro on Specific Operating System and Devices

Today there are a lot of operating system in the world, especially for mobile devices, like Android, iOS, Windows Phone OS, Amazon Fire OS, etc.

If you want to download and setup / install Mobdro on those specific device (such as tablets, smartphones, pc, laptop, kodi, chromecast, smart television, samsung smart tv, lg smart tv, etc), we have created tutorials for that purpose. Please read the following articles :


If you have any questions about Mobdro, please do not hesitate to leave comment below.

9 thoughts on “Mobdro APK for Android, Windows (PC, Laptop), iOS (iPhone, iPad), Kodi, Kindle Fire, Chromecast

    1. Yes, of course. This app is free to user as long as you want. But if you wanna upgrade to premium, it’s only cost few dollars/year.

  1. Yes, of course. This app is free to user as long as you want. But if you wanna upgrade to premium, it’s only cost few dollars/year.

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