Mobdro Chromecast : How to Setup / Install Mobdro Online TV on Chromecast

Mobdro Chromecast – If you are looking for simple tutorial on how to setup / install Mobdro app on Chromecast, so you are in the right place. Here we will guide youstep-by-step setup Mobdro on Chromecast easily. Chromecast allows us to stream online videos and movies with high quality video as well as audio quality.

FYI, for Chromecast support, we need to subscribe for Mobdro Premium APK.

mobdro chromecast

Mobdro Chromecast : How to Setup / Install Mobdro Online TV on Chromecast

Follow this simple guide below to get Mobdro app running on our Chromecast :

1. First we need to have Mobdro app on our PC / laptop. Read here for detail instructions how to install Mobdro for PC. After install Mobdro app on PC properly, Mobdro icon will appear on our homepage screen. Then we run Mobdro and subscribe for Mobdro Premium. Read here for detail on how to subscribe Mobdro Premium.

2. On the other hand, we need to configure Chromecast properly and ready to use.

3. Once we connect our Chromecast to a compatible device properly, Mobdro app will soon detect our Chromecast.

4. Click on Chromecast option and the device will be connected to Chromecast.

5. Now, we can find Mobdro icon at the top navigation bar. All we have to do now is select from the list of channels we want to watch.
The live streaming channels will be available soon and we can connect it to our phone and then control it with our phone.

That’s it! Now we are able to use Mobdro on Chromecast.


Notes : There are some common problems when setup / install / run Mobdro app on Chromecast :

  • Almost all available channels in many different languages work with this Chromecast option. If we find there is a problem with the channels, then make sure to keep a track of the net connection.
  • If the internet connection is lost and our Chomecast is no more connected to our device, then reload the page and also reconnect the Chromecast.

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